Winter on the St. Croix

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It’s starting to warm-up, by that I mean the above freezing without the wind chill. For the most part there is usually some open water near Hudson, WI on the St. Croix where waterfowl is usually able to spotted. It was supposed to be a balmy 38 degrees but the wind was vicious and every where walked around either looking like the Unabomber or Kenny from Southpark. No in-between but it is the height of Midwest Fashion ‘Not Hot Couture’ versus haute couture. To be fair, I care more of Randy Couture than fashion. I suppose it’s also the reason you don’t see catwalks out side in January in MN. It’d just be a parka and UGG boot fashion show. You’d only be able to tell the difference between men and women by the coffee cup they are holding. Mug? Man. Caribou? Woman. Don’t laugh-you’ll see it someday.

While me and a few other brave souls sashayed around I found trumpeter swans! I didn’t remember how big they were and from a distance. I thought they were ice flow chunks as they sat on the edge of the ice so I wandered down to get some bridge pictures only to hear a very strange traffic jam. It sounds like traffic honking from far away and I was intrigued! I sat for hours as still as the boulder I grabbed and watched, listened and let them check me out. So much zen it was worth the runny nose and frozen toes! I’m getting better at focusing on the fly and catching movement. More practice!


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