Soaring Sunday

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As you know my goal this weekend was wildlife photos but no waterfowl. That can be a bit of a challenge in February however we were blessed with two 50+ days and this Sunday I thought it would be a good idea to see some eagles. Some friends used to live in Wabasha, MN and mentioned lots of eagles nest on the Mississippi near there so after a little research we were on our way.

Just before lunch we headed South on 61 on the MN side with plan of stopping at 3 lookouts on the way (

I was getting worried although the scenic Lake Pepin looked grand iced over there was nothing in the sky but I recalled in my research The National Eagle Center in Wabasha and if I got the lead we’d make the 1pm presentation.

Seriously, great idea. There was every demographic covered, old,  young, middles and lots of littles and we were all excited to meet the resident of the day, juvenile eagle Hoksida.

Very good presentation, I thought I was well versed in raptors but came away with new knowledge. There are 3 other bald eagles and a golden eagle in resident at the center-all who could never survive in the wild and were rehabbed to enjoy there roles as ambassadors.


We did see some wild eagles from a distance as we were right on the Mississippi and the viewing decks and spotting scoped were helpful. Time to eat! We found our way to Nelson, WI and the Nelson Creamery

Great googly moogly! Gorgeous old stone building, lots of wine, ice cream, cheese and atmosphere.  The mister and I had simple, delectable sandwiches=my ham and brie on French baguette with mustard was yummy and I loved, loved, loved the German sausage and potato soup. Our day was filled so I pointed the nose North again. Not far away as we  zipped along I spotted a young eagle in a roadside tree, conveniently next to a pull-out. (I giggle each time I type that) Finally! An eagle , wild and up close!! As soon as that guy flew away Mister saw two more in a aerial “dogfight” above the cliffs. See my Juvenile Eagle Photos


The day exceeded our expectations and then we found more eagles further up the road on Lake Pepin and some additional scenery. Including one picture the Mister snapped of me and wouldn’t you know, 3 miles from the house we spot one right in the cornfield! I have never, ever, seen so many eagles-much less in ONE day!

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