Such Newbie Things

I often find that I forget the basics when I get excited about the new things I learn and in my passion to drive forth I lose a bit off to the side. I have a pile of filters, graduated neutral-density filters that block out light and are helpful for landscape. I forget about them and usually just use a clear UV to protect the lens, if that. I never used to use a lens hood but after a day of sun reflections obliterating good photos I learned my lesson, now I never take it off as it doubles as lens protector too, usually, from curious wet labrador nose.

Looking at the landscape photos I was disappointed on how some were not as rich in-depth and color as I preferred. Also, I have tried to not, absolutely not, use Photoshop or other post-processing as I didn’t want to use it as a crutch to bring an inferior picture up to par and chose to focus and learn the basics. What do these have in common? If I had remembered and pulled my filters out I would have had less ice glare and more of the result I wanted. Reading tonight I also was reminded on how taking two exposures and combining them when you have a stark contrast between sky and ground has some amazing effects. Below are two from yesterday that I decided to experiment on. They say walking around with a giant bag and the camera name strap makes you look like an amateur tourist but I was ok learning to plan ahead and take only two lenses and to learn my camera’s abilities better. I don’t care if I’m a walking billboard on the strap as long as I am comfortable and my pictures speak louder than any initial impression a stranger may have of me.

The rest of  you who know me already know I am strange. I want to read more photo journals but now I m afraid I’ll forget what I learned just yesterday. Sigh. I love the battle though!!

Is there a basic you struggle with? Which do aesthetically prefer=left or right?

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