Take a New Look

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The Sinister Mister knew I was planning on heading to the waterfront this weekend and insisted in being my bodyguard, I also think he’s getting into these wee adventures. However, he was not feeling great on Sunday so we kept it short, but it was great! We made good use of our time, got fresh air and stretched our legs-I forgot how much you miss that when your kid centric. (Look, cool buzz word!) Point is, go for a damn walk once in awhile.

We went to St. Paul to a spot of particular interest to me on the Mississippi. I had been seeing gulls swooping and diving all week, lots of eagles and geese too and wanted to get my snaps in before the ice left. I didn’t care less about the gulls-at first. Seriously, they are the squawking squeaking shopping lot lesser sea-gull cousins right? Nah. They captivated me with their aerial shenanigans. They’d turn and be in a dive in a blink, making a splash envious of any Olympic diver, and then be back out wings spread with a small snack in their beak. We probably stood there an hour cheering them on!

That got me to wondering, what other critters have I disregarded because their personality or character wasn’t obvious?   What’s next then? Supermodel spiders? Probably not. I will however being looking at the everyday things I see with a different perspective.

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