Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 17% off

img_6864 St. Paddy’s Day always seems to me the harbinger of Spring being around the corner, or maybe it’s just the sea of green giving me hope! To celebrate the day, everything on my site: prints, coozies, postcards etc.-ALL of it, 17% of for the weekend.

https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/renata-johnson.html use coupon code: GEBTVT

The above picture was taken at Pattison State Park, WI last Autumn – I cannot wait to get outside this weekend  but would you believe I have taken so many photos that I have misplaced a slew them somewhere? I’ll be making my own luck this weekend and organizing my equipment and SD cards apparently.

I always loved this day because I was able to go and visit my Aunt Carol and Uncle Bob at the old Bob Inn Saloon on Marquette in Davenport. I went looking for an old image or mention and came back empty which got me to thinking. Dangerous, yes? It’s actually the reason I love photography. I have seen so much go by that I wish I had memorized better, faces I should of insisted on taking pictures off. The regulars at that bar,  always had quarters for the little girl to feed the juke box and some advice regarding darts or shuffle board and as much as I wished to play pool I couldn’t reach the table! So many years looking at the mirror behind the bar, the tin panel ceiling and the interesting faces that went along with it. This is what today reminds me off, whether you drink or not, it’s about friendship and tall tales, off-key singing and everyone being Irish today.

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