Don’t Overlook Wildlife Areas

This last adventure was chosen by the mister who had a good idea and was determined to set me on some wildlife not of the aviary persuasion, namely deer. I was game, pun kind of intended, and we tromped of to a local wildlife area. I was pretty keen on this as I wasn’t prepared to people at the State and County Parks or go back to the rivers quite yet.  The area he chose was heavily wooded but also interspersed with a lot of clear, open wetlands and marshes so I had high hopes for a diverse afternoon! WI DNR Wildlife Areas

I’ll jump ahead and say that we saw lots of fresh deer sign, everywhere, the four-legged car diving wily nitwits stayed just out of sight snickering like it was hunting season. It was windy enough that all but the hardiest of robins stayed inside watching HSN. Patience, patience, patience, ran through our heads like a mantra however we went almost 5 hours without seeing another  person, the sun was shining, the air was fresh, woodsy and had that little bit of bite to keep you moving along and any day in woods is a good day to me.

Then we heard, loud, echoing, coming from all directions, one single strange call on the edged of a marsh… Hear What We Heard

We scared up a sandhill crane, the first I’d ever seen or heard quite so close. Herons, yes, sandills within a mile, not so much. That made the trip even better and I’m determined to go in the less traveled areas a bit more and see what else is there. Also, 5 miles logged in heavy boots, sucked but I was thankful for the ankle support as there weren’t trails, benches, outhouses or other amenities so if you go a bit wilder too – go prepared.

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