Day Trip to Menomonie, WI

We are getting pretty good at these little 1/2 day hops in any direction. This time I thought we should go East and I wanted to check out the Red Cedar State Trail and my back-up destination was Hoffman Hills Recreation Area.  Also, yes, I always have one main point of interest and at least two back-ups scouted so I wouldn’t have wasted a drive in case of closures, constructions or general suckage.  This was a double whammy as the Red Cedar is on my list of rivers to kayak so we could check it out and the put-ins and outs. It was a short adventure, albeit a lovely, flat trail, well maintained with a soft clay like surface and ideal for runners and bikers that did parallel the river. It was pretty boring for us slow bipeds-Plan B!

Hoffman Hills Recreation Area:

This is a neat little 707 acre area with a 60 foot observation tower. I would highly recommend a late Spring or peak Autumn visit for leaf watchers and bloom voyeurs but if you a bird brain like I am the meadow and prairie trails look to be prime for bird watching in the summer. Either way, we enjoyed a nice PB& J picnic in the truck as it was a bit cold yet and wandered our way up to the tower. The trails were well marked, nicely mapped and divided into ‘Easier’, ‘More Difficult’ and ‘Your Momma is a Mountain Goat’ aka ‘Most Difficult’. It was late so we wussed out on the easiest and really enjoyed the diverse topography and variation of timber as we hoofed it up. Spectacular 360 views for about 20 miles make it worth while and I plan to go again! Check out some of the snapshots from this weekend below. My favorites will be sent over to by this weekend and sorted into their respective galleries on here but I have an oil painting to start for my favorite daughter and psyanky eggs to make! Love the creativity of Spring.



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