Good Neighbors

Every year our little Roberts, aka Bobtown,  has a festival like a lot of other small towns around Wisconsin looking for an excuse to get out, gorge, play ball and listen to music and parade downtown Main St. on your best tractor, float and classic car-it’s excellent and a huge slice of Americana after the suck of winter.  This was brought to mind when I was going to the gym the other morning and side-tracked to take pictures along the little lakes on the way. I was respectful of a walker, did my happy neighbor wave and when she caught up with me still behind my lens a bit down the road she asked if I was “into birds”? Uh YES! They are some of the best and most challenging models.

She was kind enough to invite me on to her property around the corner where I could  get pictures easier and see the wildlife. Well, ok – trust goes both ways and I was respectful as all get out. After 40 minutes of nirvana of finding out I could access what I always could see but not reach with my lens because it was on private land and that it had an abundance of critters, all posing for me!  April Fool’s Day idjit, I forgot my memory card and didn’t have spare equipment – I was just going to the gym, remember? No pictures for me 😦

I went back early the next weekend and brought the hubby along to help me out and see what I was so happy about! Below are a few of the pictures from morning.

I am glad this lovely woman was a good neighbor and shared! Extra bonus I discovered there is a local birding club so I can learn about new species and resources. I never did make it to the gym but I was so happy I got my butt moving that morning and just went with the flow.

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