Lake Pepin in Spring

You may recall that a nice woman recently asked if I liked birds, she also steered me in the direction of a local birding group and also gave me a heads up that there were white pelicans on Lake Pepin as part of their migration. To see one in the wild would be a treat so Saturday we threw all the gear in the truck and went looking. We found them hiding on the Minnesota side  and caught up with them eventually. Eventually being 3 more scenic outlooks and two more pee breaks since my essential “gear” is sweet tea. I’m never without it. Seriously.  They were a bit hard to photograph as they are large birds and cover ground quickly but they are just so COOL! They’re huge! We saw quite a few eagles too.

We had such a fun time exploring, even finding a sweet spot to put in for kayaking, that we went back on Sunday but on the Harley. It was a grand experiment, what gear can I pack and I really wanted to see if I can take a decent picture from the back of the bike. I took my backup camera and the 50mm/nifty fifty and indulged my unhealthy obsession with barns and rural decay. It gave me so much freedom that it was wealth worth the slight adjustments needed-like not falling off the back or making the Sinister Ginger Mister pissy. We even managed to stop back at Nelson’s Creamery, in Nelson (whoa) for ice cream. You may recall we went there previously and I have decided the place is even more awesome than I acclaimed earlier. Rum cherry. Just saying.

We took in a lot of pretty scenery, a lot of wild life and wildlife. Smelled  the intoxicating scent of fresh-cut grass, grills and smokers and a the heady aroma of the woods and wet fields. Weekends like this last one are what make Mondays worthwhile. Of course I rushed home and aired out the camper since I know this isn’t even the tip of the adventures for 2017.

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