Spinning Wheels

I was a bit disheartened because while I have had some great inspiration and good opportunities I have been skunked when it comes to what I deemed to be a “show off” worthy picture the last week or so. When I thought through how I have spent my time I was much happier. I invested in a wonderful tripod I have been fiddling with. I have spent many hours learning my camera remote, speed light and light diffusing options and practicing portrait photography on myself and the Mister as well as clicking all over various tutorials and editing software. I am having so much fun learning, revising and utilizing my new tools that I can’t be disappointed. Then, of course, there’s the fact that even if a picture is not s good as you can get it, sometimes it really is just catching the moment because it made you smile, and that is the essence of what it all is anyway. Putting yourself in the opportunity to catch a feeling, emotion in an image to represent your history. Yeah, I’m good with that.Armored Shell Division Sun Mobilization

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