Solo Saturday

The Sinister Mr. was doing his own thing this weekend so it was all me on Saturday and I had great luck! When I go out picture hunting I really do behave more like I should in that I move quietly, no noisy clattering, no shiny stuff, no sudden moves and I move slowly and stop often to look around and break my tunnel vision. I do all this to not startle anything before I can see it and to just be respectful since I am the one intruding on  them. I leave with everything I bring in. I user a longer lens and will beg off of a shot if I notice a critter in distress of any sort. I like to think that I get paid back in spades for my patience but even if I skunk out I still have a nice, zen, nature walk I can be OK with.

Bill has pointed out that I have better luck without him on some of my adventures because I’m not running my gums chatting at him or looking to see what he is doing. This sounds like permission to ignore him so I will wholeheartedly agree with his very technical assessment. The little tree swallow bopped around posing for me and then the pelicans looked like they were having some sort of scrimmage while the cormorant cheerleaders egged them on. The herons kept a good eye on it all like a long skinny sheriffs. That’s it! Blue herons are now Flying Barney Fifes!!

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