It’s fun to say, it’s fun to do and it’s fun to watch. Watching the little ones excited and nervous to get on the mats and compete for themselves and using a lot of the same tenacity and foundational moves as the adults tells the story of the sports longevity. They way they look to their coaches and parents for sideline guidance, they way they cheer on their friends, it mirrors exactly what the adults will do later on.

I know some might tease for the faces made during a match but each “teeth gritting, eyes looking off in the distance, posting on my face grimace and where did all this sweat come from?!” is important. It’s what it looks like to over come discomfort, keep calm, push through, not take a participation award and get down to it. Whether it’s boxing, JKD, BJJ, it’s hours drilled, fingers and toes taped and giving your chiropractor Christmas cards. It’s your loved ones and support group rolling their eyes at one bruise and black eye.

I may have fun taking pictures of all these events but as most know it’s my brothers fault. He doesn’t have any pictures of his boxing matches and youthful adventures, and in this day and age there shouldn’t be an excuse for anyone else to say that in 20 years. So in more ways than one, I am also honored to witness the trials, tribulations and adventures and capture a piece of it for your legacies.

Also, front row seats never suck. Roll on.


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