Summer Loving

Maybe just loving summer, and I see some of you having Christmas countdowns-knock it off. That’s not funny. We are sliding into my favorite times of year and while I have not been as shutterly (it’s in the Johnson Webster, I say so.) prolific I have been focusing on the quality of the shot to my specific purpose and to family time. The dreaded college hooey is in there but I’m not dwelling on it. You may have seen that I have been aiming for more monotone imagery. I have been finding that it lends a sense of nostalgia and allows the viewer to fill in its own blanks when color may actually detract from my intentions. Sound very purposeful? It should! How many have been sorting through gazillions of friends images of randomness, feet, food and limb amputations? But, but , but it’s cousin Fred Bob eating his favorite burger! Are you going to care in three years? Is that how you want to view Fred Bob in 20 years? What about the other 50 pictures of sauce dripping in his tank top? Just saying, rant over. Here’s a few from recent adventures (out of a lot).




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