A Little TLC-Literally and Figuratively

We went to camp at Gooseberry Falls State Park, MN – just North of Two Harbors. We didn’t get very far North of Duluth before we were wishing we had made this a motorcycle trip. Beautiful long sweeping roads and curves along Lake Superior hugged by cliffs and forest. Once we made camp we were tickled that the lake shore was less than 10 minutes by a an easy trail.  We had gorgeous weather, either cloudy or with warm sun and cool breezes. We were amazed by how many people were riding bicycles but once we realized how the bike paths links all the parks along the shore it made perfect sense!

My goal was to get some waterfall shots and I definitely was not disappointed! To be smart though let me give you some advice if you go. If you don’t camp at Gooseberry then go very early in the morning to start your hike or be buried by like minded throngs of people. If you sleep in, skip Gooseberry and head North on 61 to Tettegouche State Park and check out 3 more waterfalls thanks to the very picturesque Baptism River, great hiking! Along the way you can ooo and aaahhh at the weeping rocks seen everywhere. If you are speedy gus then you should head back, stopping at Split Rock State Park and enjoy the Split Rock Beach, tour the lighthouse, picnic along the shore and do even more hiking.

By now you should be tired and ready for a drink by the campfire but don’t forget to zip back over to the lakeshore beach at Gooseberry State Park ad watch the sunset. THEN, next day drag your sore butt up and walk the very well tended trails all along the paths and check out those waterfalls at Gooseberry. If you time it right you could be back for a nap and lunch 🙂

Yes, if you are like my Mr. and give me lip Day 1, you too could enjoy me singing off-key made up lyrics to TLC’s “Waterfalls” until I stop standing near the cliffside lest I tempt fate…





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