Two for One

The Mister and I have switched from chasing waterfalls to hunting leaves and I find it hard to be discouraged when they are still green since winter seems to last forever. Although, an aside, I did so much winter photography last year I am actually excited for post-Christmas weather.

First, we went North to St. Croix Park in Hinckley, MN. 34,000 acres and a fire tower seemed ideal. After 10 miles the first day we decided to chill a bit for returning home the next evening. Gorgeous creeks and quiet camping- we went hours before finally seeing one person on a trail. We stood where the Kettle and St. Croix converge, climbed endless steps and found what seemed to be all the missing bees. It was one of those odd weekends where nature seemed to be holding it’s breath. I highly recommend it for camping and if you have wee ones, pack the bicycles and thank me later.

I was so excited to try night photography I didn’t even let the half moon sway me. Couple of attempts are below.

Second trip we went over to Menomonie and back to Hoffman Hills State Recreation Area. We went when there was still snow on the ground this Spring so it was quite fun to hop on the motorcycles. The roads were a bit rough but the scenery was top notch but as it turns out the foliage hasn’t caught up to my ambitions yet. So one more North trip is planned and maybe a weekend down to Lacrosse yet to meander on the Mississippi Bluffs. I’ll be scoping those foliage maps!


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