Chippewa Valley Air Show 2018

Hot and sunny gave way to hot and overcast, the skies opened up and dumped just after the U.S. Navy Blue Angels landed. A well organized show and grounds, I was able to have a bloody mary and kickback and enjoy the show.  The U.S. Air Force Wings of Blue Parachute Team didn’t wonderful…  click on the thumbnails for full image

Next up was the F-16 demonstration and Heritage flight, Mike Wiskus (Lucas Oil Air Shows), Kent Pietsch, Ace Maker and Jack Links’ Screamin Sasquatch. Aerial acrobatics to perfectly timed music, planes landing on trucks and even a surprise hapless pilot. I did so much grinning my face almost got stuck but my two favorites were ahead yet!

36,000 horsepower, 300+ mph -I get goose bumps every time! I can’t even imagine the thrill to be running three jet engines wide open!! You have to go see SHOCKWAVE, you must-it’s a moral imperative.

I’m trying not to gush, or use words like “ladywood” but damn…

You can’t help feel proud watching the Blue Angels precision maneuvers, seriously-18 inches wing tip to tip… I’ll let the pictures speak for me but I’m grinning again thinking about it!

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